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Йордан Янев: От 01. до 06.08 2010г почивах ме в хотел Пловдив. Останахме изключителнодоволни от персонала и кухнята на заведението. Готвача е прекрасен и всичко по ...

The Plovdiv Hotel is not a big family hotel in which cosiness, pleasant atmosphere and good service rank first. It is in a quiet little town by the name of Primorsko, which is very suitable for holidays for families with children. Excellent harmony of sea and mountain. The thick beech woods around attract with their virginity. For the lovers of fishing Primorsko offers wonderful spots for this pastime. The sea in the region, far from the big ports and industrial areas, is crystal-clear. From the surface one could take photos of the sea bottom, the clams, the fish and the whole beauty of the submarine world.

The Plovdiv Hotel is in a quiet seaside street 10 m from the entrance to the north beach line and at about 200 m from the town centre you could devote yourselves to the night life offered by Primorsko. Most of the rooms face south-east with a splendid view of the whole bay from them. Over a cup of morning coffee on the terrace you will delight in the splendid sunrise from the open sea. And the sea breeze will cool you during the hot summer days. The Plovdiv Hotel is a preferred place for holidays for families with children for the easy access to the beach, the children’s centre, the children’s pool, and the excellent cuisine in the restaurant of the hotel.

The hotel has a twenty-four-hour reception, a swimming pool, a WI-FI, an indoor restaurant with a view to the sea and the swimming pool, a panoramic terrace and others. The rooms are comfortable and airy, with a lot of extras and excellent service.

The Plovdiv Hotel is open throughout the year and is suitable for conferences, green schools, Christmas and Easter holidays and others. With advance reservations board and lodging for groups during winter and spring are offered at big discounts. Besides, the sea and the view from the terraces are still more captivating and unique during these seasons.

We are striving to satisfy all our guests’ wishes. That’s why The Plovdiv Hotel in the town of Primorsko is the ideal place to organize family gatherings throughout the year.

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